A half of 2022 has passed,as usual we should have some feedback,
since we have a lot Dragon Brick Figure in stock,
than it will be  NTD$500 additional  purchase bring Dragonbrick home!!!




【Step to additional  purchase
Step 1. when purchase over$3500,your cart will show Dragonbrick  additional  purchase,please hit the button ''add to cart''
Step 2. In the checkout page(left side) ''Others'' field, please find 【NTD$500 Dragonbrick Additional purchase】, write the
''name'' ofminifigure you want to purchase and than make your order, than it done, great job!


※Here is the page of all Dragon Brick https://bit.ly/dragonbrick


Dragonbrick Additional  purchase Discount :
•Discount detail:Purchase over $3500  Can Get Dragonbrick Figure use additional  purchase price at $500